Activalytics is a CRM platform designed for political activists to effectively manage their campaigns. We were inspired to make a tool to help organize political and public action. Essentially, we provide live data driven recommendations for people to contact representatives from data on politicians and their voting records. This was done using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Why Activalytics?

Politicians use technology to their advantage, why can’t citizens do the same?

Using the tools of the 21st century, activists and changemakers can focus their efforts on the decision makers, who are most likely to follow their cause. Online petitions, like help spread your idea to the world. But most of the times, there are no real change made unless it is a supplement to an organized direct campaign. Social media is great for getting the word out but doesn't offer a centralized management tool. There doesn't exist any centralized analytics platform that categorizes politicians and focuses efforts to enter analytics.